So please, don't hide your hurt.

Instead, grab a hold of that pain you feel. Run with it at full speed through your heart, and work on making it something beautiful. Allow the depth in your pain to flow inside of you, at some point or another it will expand, and maybe even into compassion. Always remember the feeling of darkness it caused you, and work toward being someone else's much needed light. It is important not to deny your pain, don't ignore it and bury it away.

Let it rise to the surface, show the world that your pain is turning into something magnificent. Work on transforming your pain into something worthwhile, something you will always remember.

Emotional pain is hard to deal with, and the fact that it somehow can pain the rest of your body always left me confused. But, emotional pain (whether it is heartbreak, mental, grief from death, etc) is a universal truth that connects us as humans because we share the same experience.

Mountain sunsets; at times this is where I find myself doing my deepest thinking.

Mountain sunsets; at times this is where I find myself doing my deepest thinking.

Feeling emotional pain is a good thing. I know what you are thinking; how is it possible that feeling this pain is a good thing? Well, the feeling can really only mean one thing—you tried for something, you gave it your absolute all. This leads us down the path of healing, there is strength to gain in any emotional breakdown. At some point, the feeling of comfort may take over because you were able to overcome the hurdle. You were able to deal with the pain day in and day out, and look—here you are; a living, breathing, beautiful human that is shining bright.

I sat in silence; I began to listen to my thoughts instead of everything and everyone around me. This is how I began my process of healing. I hope you can take these words and apply them to your own healing process; may your healing change you, and make you realize just how special, important and worthy you truly are.

Life is about moderation, except when it comes to the beach, wine, good music and time spent with those who make you feel something other than guilty for having fun. It can become a lonely world for some, but I promise you, if you stay away long enough, you will learn to appreciate where you end up in your solitude. Fall peacefully back into the depth that once made you afraid to swim. now you can’t get out of the water.
— Zachry K. Douglas.