There is nothing else like it.

There is something about music that allows us to be present with our experiences. Music is a source that is so easily accessible to every single person on this planet, and we all take in music in a different form—that is beautiful to me.

Music is there for all of us, all of the time. It forces us to remember and relive moments that have been put to rest. It makes us feel things we may not want, but need to feel. There is something so tender about music. The way it takes us back to the moments we wanted to forget. It is so powerful.

When I wake up, I turn to my phone and start playing music. I listen to it all morning while I am getting ready; listen to it at work while I am working on stories; listen to it when I am back home relaxing; in the shower; and as I am falling asleep. Music is very special to me. I have always felt so close to music. I have found some incredible artists through my passion with music. Artists that I feel have spoken to me through their songs.

In this post I wanted to share some of the artists and songs that I am currently listening to. Almost all of these songs have moved me in one way or another. If you take a listen, I hope they have the power to move you too.

1. Bloodstain — Wrabel.

I swear this song was written for me. The first time I heard it, I started crying. All happy tears.

Since I heard it, this song has been playing on repeat. It has even inspired a project that I am currently working on. (Stay tuned, coming soon!).


"Thought I found the one when I was 23
And when it was done, it nearly killed me
I've got a little heart, not built for one night
I give it all away even when I know it isn't right"

"I'm gonna pull myself together
Gonna wait til it's forever"

2. Different Skies — Shoffy.

Sometimes the outcome is not what you want. Love changes, and sometimes you see yourselves living in two different worlds.

Strangers once again, a different life; different skies.

3. I Miss You — Grey, Bahari.

This song I think says everything you might be wanting to say to someone that is no longer a part of your life.

"I miss you. after all that we've been through
I never told you that I do, but I miss you."

4. Let Me Touch Your Fire — ARIZONA.

This song, for years, has been a go to of mine. It is about intimacy, and the desire for someone that you love.


Music Inspires me — It inspires me to think deeply. To notice things I may have never noticed before. It inspires me to express myself; and it especially inspires me when I feel as if the song was sung for me. I hope some of these songs can resonate with you. Enjoy.