Abuelito Querido,

It has been one year since you left, and I am still struggling just as much, if not more. The morning of September 21, 2015 came as a surprise to all of us. We tried to prepare for that day having known you were tired, but nothing could prepare us for that day; no matter how hard we tried.

We have cried for you abuelito, and continue to do so because ever since you left, life has not been the same. We loved you so dearly, and deeply in life; in death we do the same.

Our hearts were broken the day you left, and have yet to be mended. It seems as though that may be impossible as part of us went with you the day God called you home.

I think about you daily abuelito; I dream about you nightly. I just wish I could see you, and hug you—you always shined so brightly.

The memories you left with us bring us all a bit of peace, and the love you showed us all will remain our guide in life. It is so hard not to see you, but we all know that you remain by our side. Taking care of us, and loving us more than ever.

Our family chain broke when you left, and nothing has been the same since then; but we know that as God calls us one by one, our chain will link again. Te amare por siempre abuelito hermoso, te extrano cada dia mas.